Terms & condition

Agreement defines terms of service Exchange Paysafecard Instant (EPI) electronic exchange of currencies. Use of services of service Exchange Paysafecard Instant (EPI) means full consent of client with given Agreement. In case of disagreement with Agreement, client has no right to make operation of an exchange in Exchange Paysafecard Instant (EPI).

Exchange Paysafecard Instant (EPI) service provides its clients online electronic exchange between Paysafecard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Moneybookers (Skrill), Neteller according to our available exchange directions. There are two types of exchanges: Instant and Manual exchange, in which depend on the specific exchange direction and latest client exchange orders with us.

Administration of Exchange Paysafecard Instant (EPI) is not responsible and does not cover losses caused by incorrect (unauthorized) use service, as well as errors committed by the client in completing forms of exchange, which could result in the transfer of funds to wrong account.

Operation exchange shall be completed since service transfer funds to client.

Operation is one-time transaction. Returning transferred funds after exchange is not possible.

If it is impossible to complete payment automatically (no connection to billing system, not a confirmation of payment system of payment, etc.), exchange will be completed within 12 business hours or funds will be returned minus payment system fee.

Administration of Service reserves right to permanently retain funds transferred to it from a client, had attempted any attack on server, as well as any attempt to hacking and fraud scripts on this site or making any fraud payment on this site.

Use of Service for carrying out of roguish and illegal operations is forbidden. Using Service, client agrees that any attempt of an exchange of roguish capital will have suit on all severity of law.

This website buys Paysafecard vouchers. Although the service works since 2013 and has a solid reputation, it is not officially supported by Paysafecard, nor affiliated with administration of Paysafecard, and operates absolutely independently. Submitting your voucher numbers on this site means you agree to all terms and conditions published and you understand that you do it solely at your own risk. Paysafecard administration is not responsible for this service. By trusting to this website you rely solely on its solid reputation.

All the information, placed on this website, including graphic images, scripts source codes as well as text information, is a property of Exchange Paysafecard Instant (EPI). Any copying of information will be in any case prosecuted and will inevitably cause complaints to law-enforcement authorities and to all organisations, responsible for distribution and placing of this information. The logos of Paysafecard, PayPall, Bitcoin, Moneybookers (Skrill) and Neteller are the property of their relevant owners.